The self-portrait from my sketchbook


They say the hardest thing to draw is your self-portrait because you don't see yourself the way others see you.
Which is true...because apparently, I think I have bigger lips than I actually do (see my initial sketch)

Here's the reference photo I used. What do you think? Does my self-portrait look like me? *winks*


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Someone got an At for floral arrangement...


So the other day nephew #3 came home very pleased with his At for floral arrangement. Never mind that 19 of his classmates also got an At. The other 16 in his class got a miserable A or Bt. *LOL*

Of course, any achievement deserves a scrapbook page in the family album because as you know, life is short so we celebrate everything! *winks*

Just a fun layout with bits and pieces from my scrap pile. :)

Happy week ahead friends!


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This week's quick paper bag makeover


Here is this week's quick 15 minute paper bag makeover...

1. Measure and cut red gingham patterned paper to fit front and back of paper bag.
2. Remove existing ribbon handles from paper bag.
3. Run the paper pieces  through  the Xyron Creative Station for an even layer of adhesive.
4. Plug in the hot glue gun.
5. Adhere papers to bag.
6. Adhere lace trim to bag with hot glue gun.

7. Adhere floral and leaf embellishment to bag.
8. Punch holes in bag and add ribbon handles.

Doesn't it look much prettier after its makeover? *winks*


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10 (more) ways to use up your scraps

Back in January 2015, I shared 10 ways to use up your scraps. Evidently, the scrap pile has grown so here are 10 (more) ways to use up your scraps. :)

1. Create a paper weave

This is a great way to use up quite a bit of your scraps. Cut them into strips of equal width and create a paper weave out of them to use as a focal point or fun mat for your photos. You can mix and match different colours and patterns. Keeping the widths the same creates a cohesive look.

This little fella

2. Try a limited colour palette

Decide on a colour scheme then pick out your scraps to match. Sticking to few colours creates a streamlined feel that is pleasing to the eye.

The Yam circus

3. Punch them out into shapes

Use the punched out pieces and the negative piece as design elements on your layout. 

Let's take a stroll

4. Mix them up to create a whimsical "scene"

Have a bit of fun with your fussy-cut bits.

The layout with lots of stuff

5. Create a "messy" mat of fishtails for your photos

This is a great way to use up the paper strips in your stash.

Someone had an ice-cream birthday cake

6. Play with shapes

Shapes can bring dynamism to your projects. Here I played with rectangles, circles, hearts and stars.

My version of pocket letter

7. Use your scraps to make pocket letters.

The fun little bits are perfect for decorating pocket letters to send to pals.

The pile it on card

8. Run your scraps through a die-cutting machine

Every few months or so, I spend an afternoon running my scraps through my die-cutting machine so that I have a ready-supply of fun die-cuts to use on my projects...like on this fun card.

Paper scraps and rub-ons on an envelope

9. Tear them up to create a paper collage for a decorated envelope

Mismatched patterns and a gazillion small pieces? Glue them on a recycled bubble envelope and give them some mixed media love. The subtle patterns peeking from underneath all the media makes your project appear even more artsy fartsy.

One tip on the envelope if you want to actually mail it out: leave a blank space for the stamps. The lady at the post office had to give me a postage label because my design "overpowered" the stamps!

Japan travel pages Part 1

10.  Use them to decorate your travel notebooks

The little scrap bits are perfect for adorning your travel pages.

There you have it.  10 (more) ways to use up your scraps. What is your fave way to use up your scraps?

P/s: Like these Tips posts? Click here to get links to more Tips!


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An embellished tag for Maya Road


So I got hit by one of those 72 hour bugs and spent my weekend in bed partially sleeping and binge-watching designer fashion shows on YouTube. Any little attempt at exertion like making my bed, resulted in an avalanche of drippy nose and teary eyes so *insert dramatic music* of course, I didn't make my bed! *winks*

I did however, attempt to make something pretty, like this embellished tag for Maya Road. :)

I started off with two pieces of cardboard (from packaging) which I glued together to create a sturdy base for my tag.  

And then I just went in with my hot glue gun and embellishments.

P/s: Happy week ahead friends!


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This week's eye from the sketchbook


Hello friends! Just sharing this week's eye drawing from my sketchbook. :)

Here are the tools I used...

They are mostly Holbein Artists Colored Pencils except for the 2 flesh toned ones from Prismacolor Pencils (I lost my beloved Holbein one in a cafe). I also use a Prismacolor colorless blender, Stabilo All Pencils in black and white and my Posca Paint Marker in white for highlights.


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Repurposing happy mail packaging: 2 cards!

So last month I received some happy birthday mail from my bloggy pal Lizzy Hill. Her packages are always wrapped beautifully so I often repurpose the decorative bits in my projects. I mean, if you were very careful not to rip the packaging, you could use re-use each of them in its entirety. But I am totally hopeless at opening packages. Seriously. *too excited* My bestie says I need to invest in a letter opener because my opened mail always look like my dog ate part of it. Except for the fact that I do not have a dog currently. *LOL*


Sorry for the digression but let's look at card #1.

The original doiley that was part of Lizzy's design was torn so I added a heart-shaped one to extend the design and make it a little more cohesive.

I added some texture with faux pearls, twine and a button.

I also added an ice-cream sticker and a "make a wish" sentiment sticker to turn it into a birthday card. 

I used a pink card base to make it super girly. :)

Now on to card #2. This time the original doiley wasn't torn so I glued the whole piece on a card base. The doiley was a little big for my card so I glued part of it to the back of the card. 

You know me, I NEED my texture so I looped some twine and added a button and faux pearls (yep, trying to finish up my faux pearl stash).

I finished by adding a birdie sticker and a birthday sentiment.

There you have it. Repurposing happy mail packaging into 2 birthday cards that my bestie asked for. 

"Just simple ones will do, " said my bestie.
"I don't do simple." I exclaimed.

And of course, I just shamelessly built on Lizzy's original designs and sort of made them my own???*winks* Don't tell my bestie, okay? 


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6 ways to decorate a Kikki K box

I really love the pull-out boxes that Kikki K products come in. The pull-out portions are usually in a contrasting colour from the box which make them fun to decorate using patterned papers. :) Here are 6 ways to decorate a Kikki K box... (yeah, I can't believe I've only bought 6 things from Kikki K either...lol..there must be some missing boxes! *winks*)

The last decorated box of 2017

1. Go bold and bright!

This particular box has a bold blue pull-out drawer so I picked a bold geometric patterned paper as my base and added coordinating textural elements.

Tag on a gift box

2. Add a decorative tag.

Sometimes it's fun to add a removable decorative tag. Like this one which features a heart-shaped bottle cap on a tag! :)

An altered box for the Maya Road/Xyron swap

3. Try a muted colour palette with one bold colour.

Here the bold yellow really stands out against the muted colour palette.

Upcycled gift wrap (a tutorial)
4.  Play with textures.

Mixing up the textures create interest in a subtle colour palette.

Look! I actually used a stamp! *winks*

5. Create a "scene" with your patterned paper.

Extend the design of your patterned paper by adding dimensional elements to it to create a "scene".

Quick postal-friendly decorated box

6. Keep it flat and postal-friendly.

Simple fussy-cutting makes for a relatively flat and postal-friendly box.

There you have it. 6 ways to decorate a Kikki K box. Which one is your fave?


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